Actions speak louder than words. The behaviour of each and every one of us will influence how well we perform and how the others regard HGM Port Logistics. Our conduct will bring about a success that we can all be proud to share – and one that everyone notices.

Pro-activeness and timely problem solving: striving to resolve any issue before it becomes a problem and always follow up

Professionalism and competence of the staff: motivated and self-driven personnel that is committed to operational excellence and efficiency

Strong professional relationships (subcontractors’ network): build good relations with all involved parties and know what resources we have

Communication: keep everyone informed and have a streamlined communication flow

Exceeding customer’s expectation: deliver what we promise and even more

Measurement and improvement of our KPIs: time from all fast to vessel cleared; time from vessel cleared to operation commenced; time from operation completed to vessel cleared; time from vessel cleared to pilot on board; time from departure to sending final DA