Ballast Water Testing (BWMC)

In order to answer the demand for compliance verification by a fast, on-site and trustworthy method of the new INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION FOR THE CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT OF SHIPS’ BALLAST WATER AND SEDIMENTS, 2004 (BWMC) and all the requirements it incorporates, Fidelitas Ltd. has sought the expertise and assistance of internationally renowned professionals in the field and from February 2020 is an appointed distributor of LuminUltra Technologies Ltd specialized in Microbiological Monitoring tools for the industry for over 15 years. We can now assist and carry out on-board and in-lab tests for compliance with the BWMC requirements for our clients/ship-owners/charterers/ships visiting all Bulgarian and Romanian ports and shipyards.

Additionally, Fideltas Ltd. in cooperation with LuminUltra is now available to assist ship-owners/charterers etc. with sampling and testing of the on-board fuel in conjunction with this matter and associated issues. This service is now being adopted by our company due to the introduction of new fuel blends and bio-fuels in reply to the improved IMO fuel requirements.  This in turn brings the need for continuous monitoring and on-time detection of   compliant fuel’s microbiological content in prevention of all associated issues (such as fuel filter blocking, clogging of pipelines, disruption of fuel systems and instruments… as well as increase of Microbially Induced Corrosion MIC of even the most well-maintained fuel tanks and pipework) and their consequential costly repairs.