Marine Logistics

Ship Husbandry

Whether you are a ship owner or a charterer, when you have a vessel in port, it is of great importance to have the husbandry services delivered in a timely and well coordinated manner.

A vessel may require much more than simple ship agency services when in port. The need often arises for husbandry services.

HGM Port Logistics is able to provide professional husbandry services at all ports and terminals in Bulgaria and Romania.

Ship Chartering

Our shipbroking service goes back over 20 years. Today, HGM operates in new global markets and sectors, building long term relationships between shipowners and charterers in over 30 countries. HGM offers a total service, with a leading presence in Varna, and offices in Bourgas and Constanta.

Market analysis plays a critical role in HGM's success, with a hard earned reputation for quality ship and charter information and applied research that enables clients to take a view on constantly moving shipping markets. Our breadth of experience enables us to give expert professional advice whenever you need it.

Our broking teams, post fixture and research specialists all maintain close contact with their clients and with the global markets.

Collectively, we deliver a highly professional and personal service across a network of long-term working relationships.


Performing lashing and securing in strict compliance with international regulations for lashing and securing of cargoes for sea and road transport;

Supply of certified lashing materials;

Issuing of lashing and securing certificate.

Mobile cranes

For loading / unloading of heavy or awkward loads on and off ships capacity of 100 MT.


Hired warehouses;

Open storage area.